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Think your pup has what it takes to be a product or runway model? Shoot us an email here with some details and a couple pictures of your pup and we will get back to you soon with an model application.


Carly is a four and half pound Yorkshire Terrier and is seven years old. She is the original 'reluctant' model for Harlow & Grace and has gone to represent numerous businesses within the fashion communities as a model and has participated in over 27 runway fashion shows for people and/or pets during the last several years. She keeps with Harlow & Grace's motto of giving those with fur and without. Through her modeling for both human and pet causes she has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for those charities (see some of those causes we support under "Causes"). Despite her original reluctance to model she has gone on to become the Northwest's first professional pet model. She has her own tongue-in-jowl blog, and where she barks her view from six inches off the floor on fashion, travel, book reviews, product reviews, and a host of other interesting subjects from a little dog's perspective. She has her own line of pet products and treats under the Cooking With Carly label. Her birthday is July 6th. Carly is the inspiration for the Carly collection of pet apparel and accessories.
Grace, the original product model for Harlow & Grace. Grace, aka Gracie is seven years old and loves to pose and work the camera for still product shots. She has been modeling for Harlow & Grace since she was three months old. She's a high strutting beauty and thinks the camera was made for her and all photographers adore her. Obedience trained, her repertoire of tricks is long. Gracie loves having her long, Yorkshire Terrier locks brushed and insists upon a perfect topknot! She is the leader of the pack and the other fur family members respect her...except for her arch nemesis, Thumbs, the 18 pound cat, who believes every Yorkie has its long as that place is not in the same room as him. Her birthday is January 10th. She is the face of Harlow & Grace Canine Couture and the inspiration for the Lady G collection of pet apparel and accessories.
Harlow is a demure Yorkshire Terrier who loves playing dress up. Despite her diminutive size and dainty disposition she still plays 'sheriff' to her other fur family members, frequently herding Izzy to bed at bed time. She's a bit of a tattle-tale, particularly when it comes to Izzy's antics. A coy, ethereal soul and all things refined she is the fiercest protector of her little ratty toy sheep we've named "baby" whom she packs around day and night. Harlow is six years old, loves to travel, attend social events, as well as being groomed and pampered. She models part time for her namesake apparel and accessory line but is generally quite shy and prefers being held and coddled over sitting for the camera. The dainty darling of the modeling team she represents so well the pink and girly side of Harlow & Grace designs that include chiffons, pink polka dots, laces, and tiny rosebuds. Her birthday is September 23rd. She is the inspiration for the La Maison Harlow collection of pet apparel and accessories.
Izzy, aka Busy Izzy as she is always busy and on the go. She loves to voice her opinion on everything and is known for being very persistent in expressing herself. She is six years old and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. Izzy loves dressing up and getting attention. She models part time for Harlow & Grace if, and only if, we can get her to sit still long enough to get her picture taken. A bit of a renegade, she's not particularly fond of having her hair brushed so her topknot is frequently askew. Izzy is very loving and will pause long enough to jump in your lap for a quick kiss before she is off and running again. She comes from World Champion Yorkshire Terrier stock and with her superior conformation and an elegant, classy gait she is our golden girl. Her birthday is November 20th. She is the inspiration for the Busy Izzy collection of pet apparel and accessories.
Pebble Ann is a southern belle Yorkshire Terrier who loves to model. She loves having her picture taken so much so she has to be put in another room if her mom wants to get a picture of one of her other fur siblings without her. Pebble Ann gets more packages than her mom and dad combined and thinks every package that arrives at her house is for her (and it probably is!!). She also loves to go to church. Pebble Ann is very loving to all and loves getting attention. When she isn't modeling she goes to her "day job" with her mom at Pro-Ad Sports. Her leisure time includes teasing her fur siblings with her toys, trying to engage them to play with her. Her birthday is May 17th. In her model picture she is wearing a "Pawtini" dress from Harlow & Grace. Look for Pebble Ann modeling throughout our web store.