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Specialty ADD-ON Bandanas

A bandana is a fun way to dress your pet without over dressing them. Most are unisex in design but some are clearly dainty for the girls and rough and ready for the boys…or those tomboy girls!

  • TWO styles to select from: The collar slide/tie and the snap closure bandana. Select from the two Categories above.
  • Custom personalization is available on select SNAP Bandanas only.
  • See the category tab "Specialty Add On" (above) for pre-designed phrases for select solid colored bandanas.

Most bandanas are available in XS, SM, MED, LAR, and XLAR. Custom sizes may be available (Contact us for custom sizing) NOTE: ---> (A size that corresponds as close to your pet's actual neck measurement without going under the actual measurement MUST be selected. NOTE:---> Selecting the wrong size will result in an improper fit). HALF SIZES: select the next larger size - Include your pet's actual measurement in inches in the appropriate box.
See sizing in SIZE TAB (next to the DESCRIPTION TAB).