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Original creations made with denim in altered couture fashion.
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hair bows for dogs coffee cup sleeves Dog Bandana
Our Price: $13.00
denim dog bandana Steampunk dog clothes and accessories pet bandana
Denim Corset Belt
Our Price: $25.00
Big Bow Harness Vest Dog harness vests Tweet This
Big Bow Denim Vest
Our Price: $54.00
Shark Bait Harness Vest
Our Price: $64.00
Tweet This
Our Price: $65.00
Dog harness vest Dog harness vest Dog harness vest
Hot Lips Harness Vest
Our Price: $67.00
Retro Melon Harness Vest
Our Price: $69.00
Retro Pizza Harness Vest
Our Price: $69.00
Denim Croc Vest The Musician The Miner
Denim Croc Vest
Our Price: $79.00
The Musician
Our Price: $87.00
The Miner
Our Price: $87.00
The Flower Girl The Ballerina The Artist
The Flower Girl
Our Price: $87.00
The Ballerina
Our Price: $87.00
The Artist
Our Price: $87.00
Steampunk dog clothes Denim Croc Dress
Denim Croc Dress
Our Price: $105.00